Mission Statement

"To create ethical and sustainable products that enhance your travels, save our environment and give back at the same time."

We hail from the wonderful green city of Portland, Oregon and thank you for visiting our page.

More than nine billion metric tons of plastic has been produced since 1950, the weight equivalent of 27,000 Empire State Buildings or more than a billion elephants and that plastic isn't going anywhere for 400-1000 years. Trallure is combining a passion for travel with an immeasurable desire to lessen our environmental footprint by reusing recycled plastics, keeping them out of landfills, oceans and our streets. It would save natural resources, save energy in production, lower greenhouse gas emissions and chemical uses. With our products, you can travel fashionably while drastically diminishing your environmental footprint.


We don't need more plastic, but we do need a solution to make use of the plastic that we've created. Our mistakes should not strangle the planet or its wildlife. 

Trallure also seeks to go the extra mile in helping the environment by donating 25% of every purchase to philanthropic causes aligned aimed at saving the environment. In addition, we will plant one tree for every bag sold.

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