This mask uses SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology, which "is a polymer-containing silver-technology that delivers silver ions when organisms land or form on a treated fabric. These ions continually release to safely kill microbes that cause odor and material degradation". 


This fabric has been tested on organisms such as: Escherichia coli ATCC 8099, Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538 and Candida albicans ATCC 10231 and was 99.9% effective against those bacteria. Tests were independently performed by the International Antimicrobial Council. Due to the novelty of COVID-19, this fabric has not been tested against the virus. 




  • Antibacterial Cotton + SILVADUR™
  • -Effects of antibacterial capabilities still 99% after 50 washes
  • -Intelligent control of silver release
  • Double Layer
  • Odor Control
  • Soft and Breathable
  • Durable and Lasting
  • Resilient Elastic Ear Loops

Antibacterial Double Layer Mask (Adults)

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  • Silver ions (Ag+) are a natural and trusted antimicrobial agent used for more than 2,000 years
  • The product provides reliable and durable antimicrobial protection against bacteria prevalent on textile surfaces
  • It is retained longer on fabric substrates, providing a longer garment life
  • The antimicrobial technology requires less silver to deliver high performance on a variety of fabric surfaces


  • It uses silver ions (Ag+) rather than silver particles
  • The product relies on bound silver so no free silver is released into the environment
  • Polymers adhere inherently to fiber surfaces, providing long lasting antimicrobial protection on fabrics
  • It is recyclable and reusable during processing applications due to its inherent UV stability and water solubility


The proprietary SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology releases silver ions only when they are needed, ensuring that more active material remains bound to the textile surface for long term antimicrobial protection. As a result, both garment turnover and the amount of silver released into the environment are reduced.

  • It is formulated to provide a low concentration of free silver ions and creates no build-up of free silver, preventing discoloration and facilitating long lasting antimicrobial performance
  • Articles treated with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial are non-toxic, non-sensitizing, and non-irritating to human skin
  • The enhanced freshness that SILVADUR™ long lasting antimicrobial provides means fewer washings are required, which benefits consumer and the environment alike


SILVADUR™ antimicrobial has been assessed as harmless to human health and added to the list of active chemical products approved by the International Oeko-Tex® Association. It is registered with the U.S. EPA and its active ingredient is notified and supported under the EU Biocidal Products Registry (BPR). In addition, SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology is registered to meet REACH requirements in the European Union.